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Tree Peony is blooming!牡丹花開!

Tree Peony is blooming!牡丹花開!
Because the temperature lately were so warm, from buds to full bloom just like magic! The fragrance is so powerful, the whole garden seem full of its beautiful scent! 🙂
最近氣溫很高,從含苞待放到完全盛開的速度之快,如同變魔術一般! 濃郁的強香瀰漫著整個花園. 🙂
2013-05-22 004 (Medium)2013-05-22 003 (Medium)2013-05-21 039 (Medium)2013-05-20 021 (Medium)

Garden Peony roots planting 種植芍藥球根包

2013-03-18 012

2013-03-18 008

I have bought a pack of garden peony roots to plant them in pots recently. It is a good price for 4 mixed colour double garden peony roots.

Only couple days in the pot, you can see one of the four plants its flower bud is coming! How fast! Looks like pink or red one.

Looking forward when it blooms!

最近買了一包重瓣混合色的芍藥球根包來盆植.一包有4棵,價格很便宜. 合台幣約350元. 這樣一棵不到100元.

種下沒幾天已經出芽帶花苞,生長速度超快! 很期待開花,雖然院子裡也有其它的芍藥和牡丹,這在室內快速成長的芍藥也許會跟戶外牡丹一起開吧.