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Natural Pest Control – Praying Mantis and Dragon Fly!生物防治法-螳螂和蜻蜓

Natural Pest Control – Praying Mantis and Dragon Fly!生物防治法-螳螂和蜻蜓
Praying mantis will eat anything moves which the size they can grab. Dragon fly will take any insects which flying in the air or resting in visible range. Great predators to control garden pest!
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DIY non-toxic Solution formula for mildew. 去除黴菌引起的霉斑病配方

So much rain….humidity is causing fungal diseases of roses and some plants, it is time to make this solution and spray on the plants.多雨潮濕引起黴菌快速滋生,有些植物都害病需要噴這個除霉的配方來恢復健康.

DIY non-toxic solution formula for mildew as below: 自製無毒配方如下:

1 c.c. natural produce detergent 1 c.c. 蔬果清潔劑
10 c.c. vegetable oil 10 c.c.蔬菜油
1000 c.c.(1 L)Water 1 公升 水

Apply one day this solution and next day just water, repeat it until mildew is gone. 一天噴這個配方隔天只噴水,如此交替噴直到植物恢復健康.