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Planting lotus seed indoor (Nelumbo nucifera)室內孵蓮子

Planting lotus seed indoor (Nelumbo nucifera)室內孵蓮子

first leaf of lotus from lotus seed

first leaf of lotus from lotus seed

This time I use temperature controlled aquarium heater to keep the water temperature at 24 C. There is a light right above the container for 8 hours a day. Normally from seed to first bloom will take 1-3 months if growing condition is good. This is a single, deep pink lotus. Its flower of mother plant looks like this…單瓣紅荷

蓮/荷(學名:Nelumbo nucifera)蓮科蓮屬多年生草本挺水植物,荷花原產於中國. 它是印度和越南的國花. 種類有很多種,從大型的需種到寬廣池塘的到小型的碗蓮. 又分開花的花蓮和不開花食用為主的菜蓮品種,耐寒與否和品種也有很大的差異. 一般蓮荷種植偏愛黏性土壤,全日照,重肥和喜高溫.


Lotus roots in fall (plant wilt during dormancy) which I grown it from this medium to small type of lotus from seed in late spring.  (Nelumbo nucifera) 春末孵的中小型蓮子,秋冷休眠翻盆看看藕根的狀況.