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秋天的橡樹Autumn Oak

秋天的橡樹Autumn Oak
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So many different pretty oak trees turning colour and producing acorns in autumn. Some autumn foliage will be bright red or red or orange or yellow or not changing colour so it will eventually dry out and become brown.

In some culture, acorns are used as food, eat as nuts for emergency or dried, grind into powder, get the starch with water cook in short time and can make jelly like tofu, with sauce, it is nice and special! I have tried few times.

Some countries their culture believe eating acorns are good for your health–perhaps because of the mighty oak lives strong and long?

秋天橡樹開始葉色轉變結實累累. 橡樹的葉色會轉成鮮紅,或紅,或橘色,或黃色,或不變色然後乾枯後成黃褐色.

有些文化有將橡實當成救荒的乾糧. 橡實可以去殼去皮後磨成粉,它的澱粉可和水煮成布丁一樣的"橡子豆腐",配著清淡沾醬,滋味不錯很特別,我吃過.