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October Garden十月花園

October Garden十月花園

Luckily I still have a lot of flowers in my garden, considering some trees have already changed colour.

I am no longer seeing humming birds around. My yellow zucchini is growing slowly and small tomatoes are slow to ripe as well.

十月了,還好花園還有許多花在開,有許多樹已經有秋色了. 蜂鳥已不見芳蹤. 我的黃色夏南瓜和小蕃茄因為溫度降低而熟成大大減慢了速度.
2013-10-05 003 (Medium)2013-10-05 005 (Medium)2013-10-05 010 (Medium)2013-10-05 012 (Medium)2013-10-05 013 (Medium)2013-10-05 014 (Medium)2013-10-05 015 (Medium)2013-10-05 020 (Medium)2013-10-05 018 (Medium)
2013-10-05 031 (Medium)2013-10-03 002 (Medium)2013-10-03 009 (Medium)2013-10-03 004 (Medium)2013-10-03 013 (Medium)2013-10-03 018 (Medium)2013-10-03 019 (Medium)2013-10-03 020 (Medium)2013-10-03 021 (Medium)2013-10-03 029 (Medium)2013-10-03 023 (Medium)2013-10-03 033 (Medium)2013-10-03 030 (Medium)2013-10-03 008 (Medium)2013-10-03 037 (Medium)2013-10-03 038 (Medium)2013-10-03 005 (Medium)2013-10-08 014 (Medium)2013-10-08 017 (Medium)2013-10-08 026 (Medium)2013-10-08 024 (Medium)

Double Morning Glory ‘Split Second’重瓣朝顏

Double Morning Glory ‘Split Second’重瓣朝顏
Unique, pretty and easy to grow! 獨特,美麗又容易種植!

2013-08-18 011

重瓣朝顏(牽牛花)Double Morning Glory Vine (Ipomoea)

2013-02-07 007

2013-02-07 002

Double Morning Glory Vine (Ipomoea), they has been out in the market for years, the prices of seed packs are still high. Oh, they are so few (less than 10) in a pack… I guess that is why it is not very common seeing people have this plant in the garden. I have planted the cherry-red onec in my backyard, they were as easy to grow as the common kind of morning glory.

朝顏/牽牛花(屬名:Ipomoea)屬旋花科,有些地區稱它喇叭花,日本人叫它"朝顏",原產熱帶美洲的一年生或多年生的草本蔓藤植物。 這兩種很貴一包的重瓣西洋朝顏(一包種子少到屈指可數),真是搶人! 而且還不是到處都有在賣…上市這許多年了,還是貴的很,價格一點下降也沒有. 也因為價格高昂,很少人種重瓣的. 我種過桃紅色的重瓣朝顏,種植與一般朝顏無異.