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芍藥花開Garden Peonies are in bloom!

芍藥花開Garden Peonies are in bloom! Large flowers, some are fragrant and some are not, they are all starting to bloom, nice! 大花有香味的和無香味的都開始綻放了…
2013-06-14 026 (Medium)2013-06-14 027 (Medium)2013-06-14 028 (Medium)2013-06-14 004 (Medium)2013-06-14 005 (Medium)

Bearded Irises are blooming春末的德鳶(有芒鳶尾)開了

2013-06-05 018 (Medium)2013-06-05 052 (Medium)2013-06-05 021 (Medium)2013-06-05 016 (Medium)2013-06-05 014 (Medium)Bearded Irises are blooming春末的德鳶(有芒鳶尾)開了

Love the large blooms and nice fragrance! They are easy to grow and prapagate from rhyzome, its beautiful color and unique flower shape really memorable.
最愛德鳶的大花和芬芳的香氣了! 容易栽種和用地下根莖繁殖,它們的美麗的色彩和獨特的花形令人難以忘懷.

Creeping thyme is blooming! 匍匐性百里香開花了!-part one

Creeping thyme is blooming! 匍匐性百里香開花了!
2013-05-20 002 (Medium)2013-05-20 003 (Medium)2013-05-20 004 (Medium)2013-05-20 014 (Medium)2013-05-20 033 (Medium)2013-05-20 005 (Medium)2013-05-20 016 (Medium)2013-05-20 025 (Medium)2013-05-20 007 (Medium)