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日本重瓣垂枝櫻花 Japanese Weeping Cherry-Double (Prunus)

 這一種垂枝櫻枝條較密,重瓣粉紅色的花於春天綻放,樹型小,容易照顧,可惜花期不長. 很適合小花園栽種.此一品種為不結果的’Kiku-Shidare’

This variety is ‘Kiku-Shidare’. No fruit.Max. height is 2.5 meters.

日本垂枝櫻花 Japanese Weeping Cherry (Prunus)


A few days ago, I noticed this Japanese weeping cherry tree was about 1/3 blooming.  Today we drove there just for picture taking, it was almost fully blooming!  Stunning scene, so beautiful! The cute little pink, shy blossoms are all over the branches, gently moving in the spring breeze and bathing in the golden sunset.    Luckily, I captured the beautiful moment for a nice memory and images to share. (Especially since it has a short blooming time.)