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More produce! 繼續採收

More produce! 繼續採收
Thorn less black berries, small tomatoes, cucumbers, yellow zucchini, colorful Swiss chards, baby carrots. They are very good!無刺黑莓,小蕃茄,大黃瓜,黃色夏南瓜,彩色瑞士菾菜,和小紅蘿蔔. 都很好吃!
2013-09-03 004 (Medium)
2013-08-29 029 (Medium)
2013-09-02 011 (Medium)

More planting area and more yellow zucchini!

More planting area, more cherry tomatoes and yellow zucchini!
2013-08-11 073 (Medium)
2013-08-18 045 (Medium)2013-08-18 008 (Medium)
So far I have harvested over 12 yellow zucchini in one giant plant! Lots of small yummy tomatoes and green leafy veggies. The shallow planter will be used to plant annual herbs with shallow roots next year, such as sweet basil and coriander.

增建更多種植蔬果箱的種植範圍..目前光一棵黃色的夏南瓜就採收了12條瓜和許多雄花雌花,許多小蕃茄和葉菜類. 增建的淺種植區主要是明年要大量種淺根性的一年生香草植物.如甜羅勒和芫荽等.