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Cherimola (Annona cherimola) 秘魯番荔枝

Cherimola (Annona cherimola) 秘魯番荔枝


Cherimola (Annona cherimola) 祕魯番荔枝


Cherimola (Annona cherimola) seeds.秘魯番荔枝的種子.

Tropical fruit tree.  Good size ripe fruit with very fragrant scent and lovely flavour! Easy to grow.  Best growing in full sun location.  Yellowish green flowers in late spring to early summer.   USDA Zones:9-11. Mature size:15′-20′(H/W). Propagate by seeds, air layering or grafting. Seeds are toxic if ingested.

秘魯番荔枝又稱為毛葉番荔枝. 它是熱帶果樹. 熟果的個頭不小,果香濃郁果肉香甜多汁風味絕佳! 容易栽種. 最好栽種在全日照處. 春末夏初開黃綠色花,熟果時間長. 喜熱不耐寒.  成熟株高及寬幅為15-20呎. 繁殖方式以種子,高壓或嫁接方式來進行.

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Saffron Crocus (Crocus sativus)香料番紅花

Saffron Crocus (Crocus sativus)香料番紅花

2017-10-17 Saffron Crocus (4) - Copy - Copy

Saffron Crocus flower in full bloom. (Crocus sativus) 香料番紅花單朵盛開的花容.

2017-10-16 Saffron Crocus (Crocus sativus)香料番紅花 (4) - Copy

Saffron Crocus (Crocus sativus) are flowering in fall with fragrant flowers!香料番紅花秋天開花了,花很香!


Saffron Crocus (Crocus sativus) bulbs from package. 香料番紅花球根包裡的球根.

Hardy perennial flowering bulbs/herb. Easy to grow. Best growing in full sun location. Purple flowers in late summer to early fall. Flowers attract bees and butterflies. Flowers is fragrant. Its crimson stigmata are plucked are called saffron threads which is used for culnery use to add fragrance and colour in food. The major production of saffron threads are from Iran. USDA Zones:6-10. Mature size:3″-6″(H/W). Propagate by bulbs or division.

強健多年生球根花卉/香草.  容易栽種.  最好栽種在全日照處.  夏末秋初開紫色花.  花頗吸引蜂蝶. 花有宜人香味.  它的紅色雌蕊經由人工採收後便是食用的珍貴香料番紅花,用於料理可以增色增香.  番紅花蕊的產量主要來自伊朗. 它耐寒也相當耐熱. 成熟株高與寬幅僅3-6吋. 繁殖以球根或分株方式來進行.

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Succulant (Echeveria cv.Huthspinke) 多肉–初戀

Succulant (Echeveria cv.Huthspinke) 多肉–初戀


Succulant (Echeveria cv. Huthspinke) 多肉–初戀

One of  the nice tropical succulents, perennial. Easy to grow and propagate.  Best growing in full sun to partial shade location.  Nice foliage colour!  Excellent for cut flower material.  USDA Zones:9-11.  Mature size:4″-1′(H) X 6″-1′(W).  Propagate by seeds, leaf cuttings, stem cuttings or division.  Suitable for container indoors.  Drought tolerant. Edible.

熱帶多肉植物之一,多年生.  容易栽種與繁殖.  最好栽種在全日照到半日照處.  葉色很漂亮!  適合作為花材.   喜熱不耐寒.  成熟株高4吋到1呎高,寬幅6吋到1呎.  繁殖方式以種子,葉插法,枝條扦插或分株法來進行. 適合室內盆植. 耐旱. 可以食用.

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Succulent (Echeveria ‘Hulemms’s Minnie Belle’) 多肉–樹狀石蓮

Succulent (Echeveria ‘Hulemms’s Minnie Belle’) 多肉–樹狀石蓮



Succulent (Echeveria ‘Hulemms’ Minnie Belle’) 多肉–樹狀石蓮

One of the nice tropical succulents, perennial. Easy to grow and propagate.  Best growing in full sun to partial shade location.  When temperature is cool the tip of foliage turn reddish. Very pretty!  USDA Zones:9-11.  Mature size:4″-1′(H) X 6″-1′(W).  Propagate by seeds, leaf cuttings, stem cuttings or division.  Suitable for container indoors.  Drought tolerant.

熱帶多肉植物之一,多年生.  容易栽種與繁殖.  最好栽種在全日照到半日照處.  氣溫降低時葉片末端會轉紅.  很漂亮! 喜熱不耐寒.  成熟株高4吋到1呎高,寬幅6吋到1呎.  繁殖方式以種子,葉插法,枝條扦插或分株法來進行. 適合室內盆植. 耐旱.

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Tropical Day Blooming Viviparous Water Lily (Nymphaea micrantha)子母蓮

Tropical Day Blooming Viviparous Water Lily (Nymphaea micrantha) 子母蓮


Tropical Day Blooming Viviparous Water Lily (Nymphaea micrantha) 子母蓮


Tropical Day Blooming Viviparous Water Lily (Nymphaea micrantha) 子母蓮


Tropical Day Blooming Viviparous Water Lily (Nymphaea micrantha) has amazing vitality.子母蓮的生命力很驚人.



Tropical Viviparous Water Lily (Nymphaea micrantha) can be propagated by leaf. 子母蓮可由葉芽來繁殖.

This tropical viviparous water lily is highly viviparous!  This tropical tender perennial is very easy to grow and propagate.  Best growing in full sun location in a pond/container with rich sandy soil.   Plants bloom all year around with fragrant white/pink/blue/purple flowers.  Flowers attract bees and butterflies.  Good for cut flower.  Edible.  USDA Zones:9-11. Mature size: depends on the pond…  Propagate by seeds, viviparous leaf node, bulbs, offsets, rhizomes and division.  Fast growing!

熱帶白天開花型睡蓮,容易以葉芽胎生來自行繁殖.  這種熱帶不耐寒多年生植物非常容易栽種與繁殖. 最好栽種在全日照處的水塘/水要淹過容器內沃土的高度.  成熟植株可全能開花,花有香味,花色有白/粉紅/藍/紫色.  花頗吸引蜂蝶.  適合切花.  可以食用. 喜熱不耐寒.  成熟植株取決與水塘或容器大小…繁殖以種子,胎生業,球根,地下塊莖及分株法來進行.  生長速度快!

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Common Burdock (Arctium minus) 小牛蒡

Common Burdock (Arctium minus)  小牛蒡


Common Burdock (Arctium minus) 小牛蒡



2016-09-04 2016-09-04 143 (Medium)

Common Burdock (Arctium minus) mature seed pods and seeds. 小牛蒡成熟的種莢與種子.

2016-09-04 2016-09-04 142 (Medium)

Common Burdock (Arctium minus) seed pods and seeds. 小牛蒡的種莢與成熟散落的種子.

This hardy biennial herb/root vegetable is also a common weed here.  Super hardy, drought tolerant and comes with big sized plant!   Easy to grow and propagate.  Best growing in full sun to partial shade location.  Purple flowers in mid summer to mid fall.  Flowers attract bees, butterflies and birds.  USDA Zones:4-10.  Mature size:4′-6′(H) X 2′-4′(W).  Propagate by seeds.  Medicinal.

這是強健的二年生藥草/根莖類蔬菜,同時也是這裡常見的路邊野草.  超級強健,耐旱,能長到蠻大株的!  容易栽種與繁殖.  最好栽種在全日照到半日照處.  仲夏到中秋會開紫色花. 花頗吸引蜂蝶與鳥類.  耐寒也耐熱.  成熟株高4-6呎,寬幅2-4呎.  以種子來繁殖.  有藥用價值.

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Leafy Arnica (Arnica montana) 山金車

Leafy Arnica (Arnica montana) 山金車


Mountain Arnica (Arnica montana) seeds and flowers. 山金車的種子與花.


Leafy Arnica (Arnica montana) seeds germinate quickly. (The 3rd day.) 山金車種子蠻快就發芽. (第3天)

Hardy perennial, native in Europe and North America.  It has history of using its flowers and roots for medicinal purpose.  Easy to grow.   Best growing in full sun to partial shade location.  Golden yellow daisy like flowers in mid summer.   Flowers attract bees and butterflies.  USDA Zones:4-8.  Mature size:1′-2′(H) X 1′-1.5′(W).  Propagate by seeds or division.  Toxic if ingested.  Medicinal herb.

強健的多年生草花,原生於歐洲及北美.  將其根部與花作為藥用外用有相當的歷史了. 容易栽種.  最好栽種在全日照到半日照處.  金黃色菊花樣子的花於仲夏間盛開.  花頗吸引蜂蝶.  耐寒但不是很耐熱.  株高1-2呎,寬幅1-1.5呎. 繁殖方式以種子或分株方式來進行.  它是藥用草藥.

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Mexican Turk’s Cap (Malvaviscus arboreus ‘Mexicanus’) 南美朱槿

Mexican Turk’s Cap (Malvaviscus arboreus ‘Mexicanus’) 南美朱槿


Mexican Turk’s Cap (Malvaviscus arboreus ‘Mexicanus’) is easy to grow from cuttings. 南美朱槿容易扦插來繁殖.

Tropical flowering shrub.  Easy to grow.  Best growing in full sun to partial shade location. Red flowers bloom all year around and plant is evergreen in warm climate.  Flowers attract bees butterflies and birds.  USDA Zones:8-11.  Mature size:4′-6′(H) X 9″-1′(W).  Propagate by seeds, cuttings or air layering or division.

熱帶開花灌木.  容易栽種.  最好栽種在全日照到半日照處.  全年開紅色花朵,植株在溫暖環境下全年常綠. 花頗吸引蜂蝶與鳥類.  喜熱不耐寒.  成熟株高4-6呎,寬幅9吋到1呎.  繁殖方式以種子枝條扦插高壓或分株方式來進行.

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Ball Moss (Tillandsia recurvate) 球青苔

Ball Moss (Tillandsia recurvate) 球青苔


Ball Moss (Tillandsia recurvate) plants divisions from tree branches. 球青苔從樹枝上拆解下來的分株.

Tropical tender perennial.  Easy to grow.   Best growing in light shade location.  Small blue/violet flowers bloom all year around. USDA Zones:8-11.  Mature size: 6″-1′(H/W). Propagate by seeds, cutting or division. Drought tolerant.

熱帶不耐寒多年生植物.  容易栽種.  最好栽種在散光處.  全年可開小小的藍紫色花.  喜熱不耐寒.  成熟株高6吋到1呎,寬幅亦同.  繁殖以種子扦插或分株方式來進行.  耐旱.

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https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tillandsia_recurvata http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/go/2061/

Mast tree(Polyalthia longifolia)印度塔樹

Mast tree(Polyalthia longifolia)印度塔樹


Mast Tree (Polyalthia longifolia) seedling. 印度塔樹小苗.


Mast tree (Polyalthia longifolia) 印度塔樹小苗.



2016-04-12 012 (Medium)

Mast tree(Polyalthia longifolia) seeds. 印度塔樹的種子.

Tropical upright tree with narrow width.  Beautiful weeping branches  with gorgeous leaves which is very attractive as green fence.  Evergreen in warm climate.  Easy to grow.  Best growing in full sun to partial shade location.  Fragrant flowers in cream-pale green bloom in summer.  Flowers attract bees, butterflies and birds.  USDA Zones:9-11.  Mature size:40′(H) X 4′-6′(W).  Propagate by seeds, cuttings, layering.   Medicinal.

又名垂枝長葉暗羅. 熱帶樹種,有著高但寬幅窄的外觀.  很適合作為綠籬來種植.  其枝葉垂墜的特性加上葉片蠻美的.     容易栽種.  最好栽種在全日照到半日照處.  夏開黃綠色花,有香味. 花頗吸引蜂蝶鳥類.  喜熱不耐寒.  成熟株高可達40呎,但寬幅僅4-6呎.  繁殖方式可以種子,扦插,高壓等方式來進行.  有藥用價值.

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