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DIY Home-Made Lemonade 好喝的檸檬飲料DIY

DIY Home-Made Lemonade 好喝的檸檬飲料DIY

4 Lemons –washed, halved, squeezed out as much juice as possible, remove seeds, leave pulp

( 4顆檸檬洗淨,切開,榨汁,去籽,留果肉渣)

1 ½ Cups White Sugar

(1 ½ 杯細的白砂糖 )

Clean Drinking Water


Get a pitcher (2L); fill it with clean drinking water to about 70% volume. Add measured sugar into the water and stir well until dissolved.  Pour in the lemon juice to mix with the sugar water.  Refrigerate to chill. Drink it cool.


(取1 壺易倒的大容器(2L): 用來裝飲料或牛奶的裝冷開水到7分滿後倒入量好的砂糖.  取一長杓攪拌使糖溶化在水中.  將榨好的檸檬汁倒入混合後將冷開水注入到容器的最大容量. 冷藏後飲用.)