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有趣的午後花園Interesting afternoon in my garden

We were having our tea in our backyard in the afternoon, I saw a pair of praying mantis mating, a cicada flying by and making noise, a humming bird enjoy and rest on a humming bird feeder, squirrel was moving her young one by one from old nest to new warm nest back and forth. And I, I enjoyed tea and harvested some garden vegetables!
午後我們在後花園喝下午茶時,看到一對配對了的螳螂,一隻飛過吵鬧不休的知了,翩翩飛舞的鳳蝶,一隻來喝糖水並短暫歇息的蜂鳥,一隻母松鼠叼著小松鼠一趟一趟的來回搬新家. 而我,除了享受花園的下午茶外,我還採收了一些園中種植的蔬菜.

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More produce! 繼續採收

More produce! 繼續採收
Thorn less black berries, small tomatoes, cucumbers, yellow zucchini, colorful Swiss chards, baby carrots. They are very good!無刺黑莓,小蕃茄,大黃瓜,黃色夏南瓜,彩色瑞士菾菜,和小紅蘿蔔. 都很好吃!
2013-09-03 004 (Medium)
2013-08-29 029 (Medium)
2013-09-02 011 (Medium)