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Beautiful and tasty garlic chives 漂亮美味的韭菜

Beautiful and tasty garlic chives 漂亮美味的韭菜
2013-08-29 005 (Medium)2013-08-29 004 (Medium)
It is their blooming time! 開花了!
If you love garlic chives or if you are a vegetarian you will love this recipe!! It is also good for making omelet, dumplings with meat and chopped fine garlic chives, stir-fry and much more!

My post Recipe for 百吃不厭的韭菜盒子!Chinese Leek Pockets

Variegated Autumn Sedum斑葉/紅葉景天

Variegated Autumn Sedum 斑葉/紅葉景天
They are pretty and hardy succulent plants! Easy to grow in full sun location, perennials. These two kinds they bloom in fall.
美麗吸睛又強健的多肉植物! 容易栽種於全日照處,多年生草花. 多扦插或分株繁殖.2013-08-27 087 (Medium)2013-08-27 086 (Medium)