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秋冬天冷室內玩孵孵樂Winter gardening – Seedlings growing time!

秋末孵的目前成果:Results of germination so far since end of September:

賽靛花Common name: False Indigo — soak in warm water for 3 days then plant — about 2 months

2012-11-22 002

Hibiscus moscheutos

大花扶桑Common name: Dwarf Hardy Hibiscus– soak then plant — about 2 weeks

2012-12-03 001

Clematis Mix

2012-11-22 003

Centaurea montana

2012-11-12 002

Ampelopsis gland. brevipedunculata

斑葉山葡萄 Common name: Variegated Porcelain Vine — dircet sow, about 2.5 months

多年生矢車菊Common name: Bachelor’s Button — about 1.5 month, direct sow

2012-11-22 001

Baptisia australis

鐵線蓮 Common name: Clematis Mix  — about  2 months, remove shell, soak in warm water in a re-sealable bag in room temperature

2012-11-28 001

Magnolia ‘Yellow Bird’

另剛孵下沒多久的有: Other plant seeds I recently just start:

四照花 Common name: Flowering Dogwood — sand the shell thin, soak for 1 day then plant

無刺玫瑰(小輪) Common name: Thornless rose — direct sow

玫瑰(中輪) Common name: Rose — direct sow

聖誕玫瑰(單瓣) Common name: Christmas Rose — direct sow

希望2個月後陸續出芽!  They are going to take a while, maybe 2 months.

隔一陣子還想孵一些別的鐵線蓮呢!  Next I want to grow some other kind of clematis from seeds.

可是時間要算好,要春天到時有得種小實生苗. But I have to time it right for the seedlings to grow outdoors in spring.

現在盛開的四照花–Chinese Flowering Dogwood is blooming!





現在盛開的四照花–Chinese Flowering Dogwood is blooming!   (我照顧的)客戶家前院的四照花正在盛開中.  上圖為10月中成熟的蒴果取出的硬殼種子,通常被松鼠吃掉,這些是去樹下和松鼠們搶來的…

四照花 Chinese Flowering Dogwood (Cornus kousa)

四照花–中小型落葉喬木, 通常粉紅色的5月先開花,白色的品種6月底7月開. 耐陰耐旱. 樹高可達6米,寬幅6-8米.秋天時葉片由綠轉紅,有秋色變化. 這棵是我照顧了4年的一客戶家後院的佛羅里達四照花.