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Starting seeds Indoor 室內玩孵孵樂

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2013-01-28 004Starting seeds Indoor 室內玩孵孵樂

There are many ways to grow from seeds indoor with not just store bought tray with clear cover. You can make your own homemade seed starting kit.

You can be creative to make your own with berry containers, clear jars (with lid), plastic bag, re-sealable bag, egg carton and floral sponge, potting soil. Remember to label them the name and the date.

Keep them somewhere warm or cold, according to direction of the seed package. After they sprout, move them to bright place to grow.


水果盒/蛋盒打洞裝土或插花用岩棉後澆水放入種子後裝入夾鍊袋或透明塑膠袋,或用切下來的一小塊岩棉加水吸滿後播種在罐蓋內後透明罐口向下轉緊,這樣就是一個迷你溫室了. 或是把軟塑膠容器蓋子剪除後只留邊,然後放一張保鮮膜或透明塑膠袋,置於最溫暖的室內取適當的距離也不可過熱. 記得標明植物名和日期.