Black pepper (Piper nigrum) 黑胡椒

Black pepper (Piper nigrum) 黑胡椒

2018-05-02 Black pepper (Piper nigrum) 黑胡椒 - Copy

Black pepper (Piper nigrum) cuttings. 黑胡椒藤的扦插枝條.

2018-08-26 Black pepper (Piper nigrum) 黑胡椒 - Copy

Black pepper (Piper nigrum) 黑胡椒

Tropical perennial vine.  Probably the most common and widely used seasoning/herb in the world?  Easy to grow.  Best growing in partial shade to full shade location.  USDA Zones:9-11.  Mature size:12′-15′(H/L).   Propagate by seeds or cuttings.  Fast growing.  Suitable for growing in containers indoors.   Medicinal.

熱帶多年生爬藤.  大概是世上最為常見並廣泛使用的調味料/香料了吧?  容易栽種.  最好栽種在半日照到散光處.  喜熱不耐寒.  成熟株高12-15呎高/藤長.  繁殖以種子或扦插的方式來進行.  生長快速.  適合室內盆植.  藥用.

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