Venus’s Navelwort (Omphalodes linifolia) 琉璃草

Venus’s Navelwort (Omphalodes linifolia) 琉璃草

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Venus's Navelwort (Omphalodes linifolia) seeds. 琉璃草種子.

Venus’s Navelwort (Omphalodes linifolia) seeds. 琉璃草種子.

2016-05-14琉璃草 (2) (Medium)

Venus’s Navelwort (Omphalodes linifolia) seedlings. 琉璃草種子蠻容易孵出的.

Delicate annual wildflower.  Native in Europe, Asia and Mexico alpine area. Best growing in full sun to partial shade location.  Excellent for alpine/rock garden.  Dainty small white flowers from spring to fall.  Flowers attract bees and butterflies.  Plants self seed easily. Good for cut flower.  Easy to grow and propagate.

它是琉璃草紫草科琉璃草屬的一年生/二年生的野花.  原生於歐亞及墨西哥山區.  以種植在全日照到半日照處為佳.   很適合岩石山區/岩砌花園的種植環境.  嬌柔小小的白花吸引蜂蝶,花期很長由春開到秋.  容易自行結籽繁殖. 可切花.  容易栽種及繁殖. 

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