Oak Honey — Nice Exotic Honey! 橡花蜜–美味的特殊蜂蜜!

Oak Honey — Nice Exotic Honey!  橡花蜜–美味的特殊蜂蜜!

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Oak Honey — Nice Exotic Honey! 橡花蜜–美味的特殊蜂蜜!

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Oak Honey — Nice Exotic Honey! 橡花蜜–美味的特殊蜂蜜!

This weekend we shopped at St. Lawrence Market, well it was busy as usual!    After the sampling we decided to get this Oak Honey.    It is very nice to taste the honey first to confirm that is what you like before purchasing them. Wow, what a treat!    We liked it and purchased it mainly because it is rare and also the reason of its unique flavor — the sweet honey with flavor combination of wood, nuts and resin.

I was surprised by the rich taste of honey, what a difference compared with ordinary honey! You can taste the wood, resin and nuts.  The experience takes me to long life span oak forest!

最近和我先生去了有名的鬧市去買純正的蜂蜜. 品嚐了2種不同的蜂蜜後買了這個很少見的蜂蜜.  雖然每種蜂蜜的風味都如此獨特,但這種讓人感覺口中有著混合堅果,樹脂.木質的樸實香氣,這種香甜幸福感很特別!

橡樹花蜜居然有令人驚喜的風味,完美的濃郁具有層次感的木香,橡實香與樹脂香的混合在口中伴著蜂蜜的甜散出,教人無法忘記它. 每嚐一小口都有種感受到置身於蒼鬱的橡木森林一般的感動與奇妙.  建議單獨享用,讓它帶領你的味覺與嗅覺引發的記憶旅行!


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