Plant Acclimatization/Domestication from seeds 種子馴化

Plant Acclimatization/Domestication from seeds 種子馴化

In order to get plants to be  hardier or more disease resistant, the easier and low tech method is to grow lots of seeds then expose them to a harsh zone and then select the survivors (the hardy plants) to grow.   This kind of cultivation might be fast and easy, but sometimes it is long and difficult.

為了使植物更加強健或更具抗病能力,最簡單,最不高科技的方法就是種子馴化,在一般環境較困難的情況培育許多種子,適者生存,存活下來到成熟的就是具備所需的較為耐寒/熱/旱/鹽/貧瘠或抗病蟲的植株了.  馴化也是一種育種的方式.

I am a gardener who often grows from seeds, so I have some living proofs.  From a French lilac ‘Madame Lemoine’ parent plant, this 2nd year seedling has becoming very cold hardy, it is the second winter that it is staying evergreen!  See the photo taken today 2016-01-11:

我是常從種子種起的愛花人,真的蠻愛孵種子的.  在這裡我要提出今天拍的馴化證明,這第2年的實生株其親代為法國紫丁香重瓣白花很香的品種’Madame Lemoine’,這子株已經表現了第2年戶外盆植越冬維持常綠的表現.

2016-01-11 012 (Medium)

2nd year Seedling From parent plant of French lilac ‘Madame Lemoine’, it is the second winter staying evergreen! I took this photo today 2016-01-11.

The other remained seedling which its parent plant is Reblooming lilac, it is not just staying evergreen holding the leaves, more so it is developing red foliage in winter!  See the photo I took today 2016-01-11:


2016-01-11 010 (Medium)

2nd year Seedling From parent plant of Reblooming lilac, it is the second winter staying evergreen with red foliage! I took this photo today 2016-01-11.

One of my many large blooming Clematis seedling, one is developing evergreen as well in zone 6!  See the photo I took today 2016-01-11:

這棵是大花鐵線蓮的實生苗,在我們的氣候區(zone 6)也能維持常綠不落葉. 這是今天2016-01-11拍的.

2016-01-11 001 (Medium)

A large blooming Clematis seedling, this one is developing evergreen in zone 6! I took  this photo today 2016-01-11.

2016-01-11 007 (Medium)

Normally all Clematis plant go in dormancy in late fall in zone 6. Like this one. I took this photo today in 2016-01-11.

If these seedling can grow to maturity and successfully produce viable seeds then they will rock the plant market!   Is it so rare?  I don’t know.  It seems this happens to me often enough.   I have talked to an experienced gardener about my findings and she thinks most of these unique ones will not last long sometimes but when they do, it is great!   I am even more curious about the next generation — to see if they will produce viable seeds with the same characteristics as the parents!

是的,一旦這些較強健的子代成熟了開花了若還能生產下一代帶有同樣或更佳的基因那麼它們的在植物市場上的價值是非常具有競爭力的!  這樣子馴化篩選出來的機率很小嗎?  我不知道.  但這對我而言倒還蠻常發生的,可能是我常孵種子的緣故.  有問過有經驗的育種家,她說有時這種表現維持並不長久的,要長期如此才能斷言它的基因表現是和親代不同的. 對我來說我比較好奇的是當這些子代成熟後若能開花結子繁殖的話那麼下一代的表現又會如何呢? 如果它們能經得起時間的考驗的話!






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