Water Caltrop/Devil’s Pod (Trapa bicornis) 菱角

Water Caltrop/Devil’s Pod (Trapa bicornis) 菱角

Water Caltrop/Devil's Pod (Trapa bicornis) 菱角

Water Caltrop/Devil’s Pod (Trapa bicornis) 菱角


Water Caltrop/Devil’s Pod (Trapa bicornis) seed germination in just few days. 菱角沒幾天就發芽了.


Water Caltrop/Devil’s Pod (Trapa bicornis) seed/nut germination. 菱角孵出.


Water Caltrop/Devil’s Pod (Trapa bicornis) division with roots from young germinated plant 由發芽的菱角分株出來的帶根苗.

2018-06-22 Water CaltropDevil's Pod (Trapa bicornis) 菱角 - Copy

Water Caltrop/Devil’s Pod (Trapa bicornis) growing indoors by window in a one gal pot. 室內靠窗實驗種植菱角(1加侖的桶子).

Floating aquatic annual.  Easy to grow in full sun pond with shallow water and low current.   Small white flowers blooming in the early evening in summer.  This interesting looking seed contain edible inner seed as food/snack after boiled or deep dried with seasoned batter– but raw seeds are toxic.  The outer hard shell of seeds and leaves are medicinal.  USDA Zones:4-9. Propagate by seeds or rhizomes.

浮水性一年生草本. 容易生長在全日照處水位低水流緩的水塘.  小小單瓣的白花於傍晚開花.  它的種子–菱角有著獨特的形狀,生吃有害,水煮或裹粉炸熟即是秋季才有的當季美食!  菱角吃起來有一種獨特的清香.  殼與葉皆能用做藥用.  耐寒也耐熱.  繁殖以種子或根莖來繁殖.

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