Gladiolus ecklonii (Gladiolus ecklonii) 南非原生小型劍蘭

Gladiolus ecklonii (Gladiolus ecklonii) 南非原生小型劍蘭

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Gladiolus ecklonii (Gladiolus ecklonii) seeds.南非原生小型劍蘭種子.

Gladiolus ecklonii (Gladiolus ecklonii) seeds.南非原生小型劍蘭種子.

Gladiolus ecklonii (Gladiolus ecklonii) seeds germination. 南非原生小型劍蘭種子目前孵4出3.

Gladiolus ecklonii (Gladiolus ecklonii) seeds germination in day 10, 3 seeds are germinated from 4 seeds. 南非原生小型劍蘭種子目前第10天了,孵4出3.

Small to medium flowering bulb, tender perennial.  Native in South Africa moist grass land.  Best growing in full sun location.  White flowers with lots of tiny red spots from far look like brown flowers.  Flowers in late spring/early summer.  Easy to grow.  Propagate by seeds, offsets, division or bulbs.  Bulbs are edible and medicinal.  Mature size:1′(H).   USDA Zones:7-10.

小到中型的球根花卉,不耐寒的多年生草花.  原生於南非濕潤的草原區.  最好種植於全日照處.  白花上佈滿著紅色小斑點,遠距看會覺得花是褐色的.  春末夏初開花.  容易栽種.  繁殖以種子,側芽,分株或球根等方式來進行.  它的球根可以食用且具有藥用價值.  成熟株高1呎.  耐熱但不甚耐寒.

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