Pawpaw (Asmina triloba) 泡泡樹/寶瓜果

Pawpaw (Asmina triloba) 泡泡樹/寶瓜果

Pawpaw (Asmina triloba) young tree. 泡泡樹/寶瓜果實生小樹苗.

Pawpaw (Asmina triloba) young tree. 泡泡樹/寶瓜果實生小樹苗.

2019-06-06 Pawpaw (Asmina triloba) 泡泡樹or寶瓜果 (2) - Copy

Pawpaw (Asmina triloba) flower. 泡泡樹/寶瓜果的花.

2018-11-22 Pawpaw (Asmina triloba) 泡泡樹寶瓜果 (2) - Copy

Pawpaw (Asmina triloba) ripe and bit of dented fruit. 泡泡樹/寶瓜果成熟有點壓凹的果實. Size and shape of a mango.  果型與大小如同芒果.  This fruit has 5 seeds in it. 由此熟果取出了5枚種子.

2018-11-22 Pawpaw (Asmina triloba) 泡泡樹寶瓜果 (3) - Copy

5 Pawpaw (Asmina triloba) seeds from the ripe fruit above. 此為上圖熟果中取出的泡泡樹/寶瓜果種子5枚.


Pawpaw (Asmina triloba) seed is showing the opening, the sign of germination? 泡泡樹/寶瓜果的種子出現開裂,要發芽了嗎?

2017-03-13 Common Pawpaw - Copy

Pawpaw (Asmina triloba) seed germination. 泡泡樹/寶瓜果種子發芽了!

2017-07-14 Pawpaw seedlings - Copy

Pawpaw (Asmina triloba) seedlings and germinating seeds. 泡泡樹/寶瓜果的小樹苗與發芽中的種子.

Deciduous hardy tree.  This native, low maintenance fruit tree, which can grow mango sized fruit and it is delicious!   Fruit is custard like texture, flavours are between banana and mango.  Mango size and shape fruit.    Excellent for eat straight or for making desert!    Easy to grow but hard to find though.   Also not common at all in any supermarket due to mature fruit its very short shelf life.  Seeds are toxic if ingested. Best growing in full sun to partial shade location in well drained moist soil.  Propagate by seeds or cuttings.   Orange red large flowers with odour to attract flies and beetles to pollinate.  Hand pollination will increase the success.  It requires got pollinated by different gene in order to fruit.  Buy at least 2-3 seedlings.   Rarely has pest or diseases.  Mature size:20′(H) X 20′(W). USDA Zones:6-9.  From seed to flower and fruit about 5-7 years. Around 5′ tall, the plant is able to flower and bear fruit.

強健的落葉喬木. 這可是原生北美,低維護的果樹能結芒果大的好吃果實!  果肉軟嫩香甜,香味介於香蕉與鳳梨,木瓜,草莓,香草…   果子形狀及大小如芒果大.  很適合直接吃或做成點心!  容易栽種但不容易買到.  超市或水果攤很少見到因為熟果不易安全運送,賣相不容易維持.  種子有毒勿吞食.  以全日照到半日照處以排水良好的濕潤土壤種植為佳.  用種子或枝條來扦插繁殖.   春天開橘紅色大花有怪味以吸引蒼蠅或甲蟲來授粉.  它需基因不同棵的花粉來授粉以結果.  人工授粉可以增加結果率.  至少買2-3棵來種.  沒什麼病蟲害.  成熟株高20呎及寬幅.  耐熱且耐寒性可.  由種子種起約5-7年可以開花結果. 5呎左右就能開花結果了.

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