White Zuta (Micromeria fruticosa) 希臘薄荷

White Zuta (Micromeria fruticosa) 希臘薄荷

White Zuta (Micromeria fruticosa) seedlings. 希臘薄荷小苗.

White Zuta (Micromeria fruticosa) seedlings. 希臘薄荷小苗.

White Zuta (Micromeria fruticosa) seed germination. 希臘薄荷種子開始發芽.

White Zuta (Micromeria fruticosa) seed germination in 10 days. 希臘薄荷種子播種後約10天開始發芽.

White Zuta (Micromeria fruticosa) seeds. 希臘薄荷的種子.

White Zuta (Micromeria fruticosa) seeds. 希臘薄荷的種子.

Micromeria fruticosa, the White Zuta. An endemic mint-flavored sub-shrub, which is used to brew the Best Mint Tea In the World, Micromeria fruticosa, commonly known as White micromeria or White-leaved Savory, is a dwarf evergreen shrub with white/grey foliage, endemic to Israel and the eastern Mediterranean. Best growing in full sun location in well drained soil.  Easy to grow from seeds or cuttings. Small pale pink to white flowers in summer to fall.  Flowers attract bees and butterflies.  Whole plant is fragrant.  USDA Zones:7-10.  Mature size:1.5`-2.5`(H)/(W).  Edible for cooking spice, berarage/herb tea or medicinal purpose.  Propagate by seeds or cuttings.

More info quote from: http://www.theandrewmeyer.com/?p=518

“White Zuta according to Lior is the best plant for cleaning the lungs.

“Used for millennia for fever, headache, insomnia, joint pain, cold, cough, congestion, sore throat, bronchitis, laryngitis, stomach ache, gas, indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, nausea, motion sickness, and to suppress appetite.” – http://www.canaanimports.com/MaimoniTEAS-TM-Nana-White-Zuta-Herbal-Tea-18-tea-bags-NWZ-001.htm

“The tea is good for easing stomach pains and sore throats. And a warning: Its oil contains pulegone, which is considered dangerous for pregnant women.” –  http://food.lizsteinberg.com/2009/01/18/what-to-do-with-zuta-levana-aka-white-savory/#ixzz1oGq1RPIR

Zuta Levana (micromeria fruticosa) is also known as Tea Hysopp, White Leafed Savory, Tea zaatar and a few other names. Difficult to find in Australia Zuta Levana is widely grown in the Middle East where it is used for culinary and medicianal purposes. Consult your doctor before using this herb.” – http://www.nurseriesonline.com.au/HerbAndSpices/Zuta-Levana.html "

希臘薄荷又稱白葉風輪菜,它是生長於以色列及地中海區域東部有著灰白色葉片的矮性亞灌木.  它是世上最佳的薄荷茶材料.  種植以全日照處用排水佳的土壤為佳.  夏秋開淡粉到白色的小花.  花頗吸引蜂蝶.  全株芳香.  耐寒性尚可但耐熱性佳.  成熟株高1.5-2.5呎高及寬幅.  植株可當料理香草,清涼飲料/香草茶或藥用草藥.  以種子或扦插來繁殖.

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