Water-Milfoil (Myriophyllum) 狐尾藻

Water-Milfoil (Myriophyllum) 狐尾藻

Water-Milfoil (Myriophyllum) 狐尾藻

Water-Milfoil (Myriophyllum) 狐尾藻

Water-Milfoil foliage.(Myriophyllum) 狐尾藻葉片.

Water-Milfoil foliage.(Myriophyllum) 狐尾藻葉片.

One of the common water plants.  Invasive.  If you like this plant please only grow them in container or aquarium not in open water.  Very hardy.  Of course, everything has good sides in them.  It has delicate foliage and interesting flower stems. USDA Zones:6-10. Mature size:6″-1′(H) X 6″(W).

Parrotfeather Water Milfoil, Myriophyllum aquaticum (Synonym Myriophyllum proserpinacoides) this type has red tems which is more dwarf and manageable.   Small yellow white flowers on flower stems grow above water surface.  Foliage close at night.

常見的一種水生植物. 蠻強勢的. 小型池塘/容器或水族箱很合適種植它,不宜種在開放的水域以避免繁殖過剩.  這種有紅莖有時紅葉的品種高度較矮比較不強勢一點. 夏開黃白色小花於出水的花梗上. 多以分株或扦插來繁殖.  夜晚葉片會收合.

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