Chinese Spiranthes (Spiranthes sinensis) 綬草/清明草

Chinese Spiranthes (Spiranthes sinensis) 綬草/清明草

2016-03-08 014 (Large)

Chinese Spiranthes (Spiranthes sinensis) 綬草/清明草

2016-03-08 042 (Large)

Chinese Spiranthes (Spiranthes sinensis) flowers close-up view. 綬草/清明草花朵近照.

2016-01-21 042 (Large)

Chinese Spiranthes (Spiranthes sinensis) plants are growing well. 綬草/清明草小植株長的算不錯.

Chinese Spiranthes plant roots. (Spiranthes sinensis) 綬草/清明草植株的根.

Chinese Spiranthes plant roots. (Spiranthes sinensis) 綬草/清明草植株的根.

One of the famous ground orchids.  This orchid is medicinal use perennial widely in Asia.  Tiny pink or white flowers in spring blooming spirally on the flower stem in Asia.  In cold climate they flower in summer.  Often found them in the grass land or lawn.  Plant self seeds easily in early summer.  Easy to grow in full sun to partial shade location in moist soil but also tolerant light shade.  USDA Zones:6-10.  Mature size:6″-1.5′(W) X 3″-6″(W).

蠻有名的地生蘭的一種.  這種在亞洲常用於藥用為多.  很小的粉紅色或白色花於春天或夏天盛開於同一花梗上以螺旋形向上排列.  多見於野外草地. 開花後容易自行結籽繁殖.  容易栽種於全日照到半日照處於偏溼的土壤,但也能耐散光處.  耐寒度可,但很耐熱.  成熟植株高6吋到1.5呎,寬幅為3-6吋.

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