Lavage (Levisticum officinale) 歐當歸

Lavage(Levisticum officinale歐當歸

Lavage seed packet and seeds.(Levisticum officinale) 歐當歸種子包及種子.

Lavage seed packet and seeds.(Levisticum officinale) 歐當歸種子包及種子.

Medicinal perennial herb, winter hardy. Native in Europe and Asia.  This aromatic large plant is very easy to grow in full sun to partial shade location.  USDA Zones:3-7.  Mature size:3′-4′(H) but some says higher up to 7′(H) X 1.5′-2′(W).  Fragrant yellow-green flowers appear in mid summer then set seeds easily.  Very hardy.  You can cook the leaves with stalk as leafy vegetable with food, which gives celery fragrance.   The fragrance is also has been use in soap making.  Medicinal.   One of the low maintenance, winter hardy perennial vegetables!

多年生藥用植物. 很耐寒.  原生於歐亞地區. 這種大型的香氣足的植物,易栽種在全日照到半日照處.  成熟株高3-4呎寬有人說能長到7呎高,寬幅可達約1.5到2呎寬.  黃綠色有香味的花於仲夏盛開然後很容易結子.  非常強健.  莖葉可以同其他食材炒食. 有芹菜的香氣.  由於有清新的香氣所以廣泛用於製皂時加入以增加皂香. 藥用植物.  它也是一種不須管理的強健多年生蔬菜!

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7 thoughts on “Lavage (Levisticum officinale) 歐當歸

  1. I wouldn’t be without lovage in the garden, I cook with it all the time to add flavour to dishes, but I was unaware about any medicinal uses. For me it is the ultimate kitchen herb … and the 7 foot estimate for it’s height is about right 😉

      • Haha, it is the flowering stalks which get so high 🙂 Without those the shrub is smaller.
        In the kitchen I put it in pretty much all the soups and casseroles for extra flavour. It dispenses with stock cubes, especially if you like garlic as well. Perhaps you have heard of the seasoning sauce ‘Maggi’ ? I don’t know what they put in that but lovage tastes a bit like it I guess. In Germany they even call it by that name, Maggi-herb, among other things. So anything you would use Maggi in you could use lovage instead and it would be much healthier, too. Saying that I tend to use the leaves only, not the stalks and not the flowers, and I don’t know whether they are used or not.

      • Interesting! I did not know that. I found the seasoning sauce ‘Maggi’ is too chemical to me so I tried only once and never again. But fresh herb is always welcomed. Thank you for sharing your experience! 🙂

      • You are right about Maggi and I don’t use it now either, but I did decades ago as I grew up with it and we didn’t know any better in those days. Fresh herbs are always the better option, I agree.


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