Asitaba/Ashitiba (Angelica keiskei) 明日葉

Asitaba/Ashitiba (Angelica keiskei) 明日葉

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Asitaba/Ashitiba seeds.(Angelica keiskei) 明日葉的種子.

Asitaba/Ashitiba seeds.(Angelica keiskei) 明日葉的種子.

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Asitaba/Ashitiba seed germination.(Angelica keiskei) 明日葉的種子發芽.

Asitaba/Ashitiba (Angelica keiskei) seedling. 明日葉小苗.

Asitaba/Ashitiba (Angelica keiskei) seedling. 明日葉小苗.

That “ashitaba" in Japanese means literally “tomorrow’s leaf" because it grows so fast that you cut today and tomorrow will grow to recover it.   This plant usually grow for eating its tender leaves and shoots as leafy vegetable.   There are lots of studies show it is very good to treat chronic disease.  Seeds germination normally 50%.

明日葉一名是日文的字面意思.  意指今日採葉明日又長.  它的生長速度驚人. 通常種來當作葉菜採其嫩葉與嫩莖來食用.  有藥效.對許多種的慢性病都有幫助.  種子發芽率約50%.

It is a biennial herb and leafy vegetable. Even though it is normally a biennial, if remove flowers in the early stage can keep the plant live up to 4 to 5 years.   Very common and popular in Asia.  Fragrant flowers.  Flowering in late spring to early summer then set seeds.  Easy to grow from seeds.  Prefers growing in full sun to partial shade location.  Mature size:6′-8′(H) X 2′(W).  USDA Zones:4-9.

雖為二年生草本但是不令其結子的話可以生長到4-5年.  全株可以當葉菜食用或藥用.  成熟株高可達6-8呎,寬2呎.  容易栽種,喜全日照到半日照.  以種子繁殖.  非常耐寒.

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