Hidden Ginger (Curcuma petiolata) 女王鬱金

Hidden Ginger (Curcuma petiolata) 女王鬱金

Flowers and info see: http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/go/691/

Hidden Ginger (Curcuma petiolata) 女王鬱金

Hidden Ginger (Curcuma petiolata) 女王鬱金

Hidden Ginger plant.(Curcuma petiolata) 女王鬱金的植株.

Hidden Ginger plant.(Curcuma petiolata) 女王鬱金的植株.

This mid summer flowering ginger has beautiful flowers.  Tender perennial or tropical plant.  It is native to Thailand and Malaysia.  USDA Zones:7-11.  It can grow outdoors with winter protection if you live in colder climate.   Or bring them indoor to over winter.   Mature size:2′-3′(H) X 6″-9″(W). Best growing in partial shade to full shade. Easy to grow and propagate.  Propagate by rhizome/tuber/bulb, seeds or offsets.  Flowers are good for cut flower.

它是仲夏開花的薑類植物,花很美. 算是不甚耐寒的熱帶植物.  原生於泰國和馬來西亞,很耐熱. 如果你住在較的國家可以在天氣變冷前幫它們做好過冬的保護或是將它們帶進屋過冬. 成熟株高2-3呎,寬僅6-9吋.  最好是種植在半日照或全蔭處.  容易種植及繁殖.  繁殖多以球根/薑塊或側芽等來進行,也可以種子來繁殖.  花可做切花花材.

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http://www.livingexpression.com/maryslivinggardens/tag/hidden-ginger/ More info see links below: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curcuma_petiolata




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