Bat Plant (Tacca chantrieri ‘Black Bat Plant’) 老虎鬚/箭根薯

Bat Plant (Tacca chantrieri ‘Black Bat Plant’) 老虎鬚/箭根薯

Exotic flower!!  Flowers see:

Bat Plant seeds. ( Tacca chantrieri 'Black Bat Plant') 老虎鬚種子.

Bat Plant seeds. ( Tacca chantrieri ‘Black Bat Plant’) 老虎鬚種子.

2015-12-02 014 (Medium)

Black bat flower (Tacca chantrieri) germinate seeds on wet paper towel in a re-sealable container with the clear lid for easy observation. 黑老虎鬚(Tacca chantrieri)種子孵法:種子排置在濕紙巾上,用有透明盒蓋的容器來孵,比較容易觀察種子孵出情形. 2015-12-02開始孵種子.

2015-12-09 003 (Medium)

Bat Plant ( Tacca chantrieri ‘Black Bat Plant’) Seed germination in 1 week if keep the seeds in warm and moist condition. But in normal room temperature will take 1-2 months. 老虎鬚/箭根薯維持種子的偏高溫高濕度但不泡在水裡,種子可以1星期就開始陸續孵出. 正常室溫則需1-2個月.


2016-07-05 001 (Medium)

Bat Plant ( Tacca chantrieri ‘Black Bat Plant’) seed germination. 老虎鬚/箭根薯種子孵出.

2016-09-03 002 (Medium)

Bat Plant ( Tacca chantrieri ‘Black Bat Plant’) seed germination prograss, forming the roots and shoot. 老虎鬚/箭根薯種子孵出後下面長出根系,上面長出葉芽.


Bat Plant (Tacca chantrieri ‘Black Bat Plant’) seedlings showing its tiny leaf. 老虎鬚/箭根薯小苗們長出小小綠葉了.

2017-03-13 Black Bat Plant - Copy

Bat Plant (Tacca chantrieri ‘Black Bat Plant’) seedling is forming the second leaf. 老虎鬚/箭根薯小實生苗的第2片葉正在形成中.

What a cool and unique tropical perennial!  From seed to flower will take 2-3 years. Large glossy dark green foliage with white or black flowers in late spring to early fall.  Mature plant size: 3′(H) X 3′-4′(W).  Best in partial shade, warm location and in moist soil.  Easy to grow when the conditions are right.  Propagate by seeds or dividing plants. Due to its unique flower structure, its natural pollinators are flies, moths and ants.

播種後到子葉長出約2個月,種2-3年左右塊根才會長粗並開花. 植株高大喜蔭喜溫暖濕潤,但不耐寒. 花型特殊. 花期為春末到初秋,越成熟大株的花越多花期也拉的較長.  成熟株高3呎,寬幅3-4呎. 繁殖方式以種子或分株為主.  它的花構造不太一樣,自然界的授粉昆蟲為蠅類,蛾類及蟻類.

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