Looking-glass Tree (Heritiera littoralis) 銀葉板根

Looking-glass Tree (Heritiera littoralis) 銀葉板根

2017-06-22 Looking-glass Tree (Heritiera littoralis) 銀葉板根 - Copy

Looking-glass Tree (Heritiera littoralis) 銀葉板根


Looking-glass Tree (Heritiera littoralis) seed germination after removing the thick shell and keep seed in warm, moist and sunny location. 銀葉板根種子去殼後保濕保持溫暖到炎熱的強光環境下孵出長根了.

2015-12-18 011 (Medium)

Looking-glass Tree (Heritiera littoralis) has large seed, it is often used as craft material. 銀葉板根的大型種子常用來當做是手工裝飾品的材料.

2015-12-18 012 (Medium)

Looking-glass Tree (Heritiera littoralis) each seed can be half of a palm size! 銀葉板根種子很大顆,有半個手掌大小.

Looking-glass Tree seed(Heritiera littoralis) 銀葉板根種子.

Looking-glass Tree seed(Heritiera littoralis) 銀葉板根種子.

2015-12-22 013 (Medium)

Looking-glass Tree (Heritiera littoralis) open a gap for inner seed to get water for germination. 銀葉板根打開一個隙縫讓裡面的種子好吸收水氣發芽.

Oter names: Looking-glass Mangrove, Sundarban Mangrove.  It is tropical large tree.    Every time we visit In south of Taiwan, always taking pictures of this tree.   Tourists love it!  Unless you live in tropical and own a big land otherwise this tree can only be a nice bonsai.

又稱銀葉樹,大白葉仔.  大型熱帶樹種. 每次到南台灣我們跟觀光客一樣會站在樹下和它特別的板根合照. 觀光客很喜歡它的!  但是除非你的環境許可可以溫暖多濕令其地植,要不然只能盆植當觀賞樹.

Reference links: 網站資料連結:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heritiera_littoralis    http://tpbg.tfri.gov.tw/PlantContent.php?rid=585 Plant root image:  http://aroundguides.com/25627284/Photos http://np.cpami.gov.tw/english/files/15-1000-1024,c115-4.php



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