Ivy Leaved Violet (Viola hederacea ‘Blue Form’) 腎葉菫菜

Ivy Leaved Violet (Viola hederacea ‘Blue Form’) 腎葉菫菜

2016-04-16 006 (Medium)

2016-04-15 024 (Medium)

Ivy Leaved Violet (Viola hederacea ‘Blue Form’) is blooming with the first cute flower! 腎葉菫菜開了第一朵可愛的小花!


Ivy Leaved Violet (Viola hederacea 'Blue Form') 腎葉菫菜.

Ivy Leaved Violet (Viola hederacea ‘Blue Form’) is easy to propagate by sections of the runner.腎葉菫菜容易以走莖切段來繁殖.


Also is called Australian Violet, Trailing Violet.  Fast growing with runner, not easy to set seeds.  Prefers growing in shade.  Small single white flowers with blue/violet marking in the center.  Quite a cute look!   Very easy to grow and propagate. This fast growing tender perennial usually grow in warm climate. Some warm countries may consider it as weed.  Mature size:6″(H) x 1′(W).  Prefers growing in partial shade location.  Easy to propagate by runners or dividing the plant clumps.  USDA Zones:9+.

這種腎葉菫菜並不耐寒,還好在溫帶只能住單盆室內種植.  它是耐蔭的多年生草花,開白色小花,花中心有紫暈,蠻小巧,討人喜愛的!  由於生長十分快速,在一些較溫暖的國家被視為雜草. 成熟株高6吋,寬幅約1呎.  以分株或走莖來繁殖為主.  非常容易栽種及繁殖.  喜半日照.



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