How to grow strawberry from seeds (Fragaria) 草莓種子孵法

How to grow strawberry from seeds (Fragaria) 草莓種子孵法

Ripe strawberry surface has lots of seeds. (Fragaria) 草莓表面有許多成熟的種子.

Ripe strawberry surface has lots of seeds. (Fragaria) 草莓表面有許多成熟的種子.

2015-01-30Strawberry seed lings germination  (Medium)

Strawberry seeds germination (Fragaria) 草莓種子孵出小苗.

Strawberry seedlings have the first leaf. (Fragaria) 草莓種苗長出第一片本葉.

Strawberry seedlings have the first leaf. (Fragaria) 草莓種苗長出第一片本葉.

It is one of the fast growing fruit!  So easy to grow in full sun location with moist but well drained soil.

草莓是生長快速的水果之一!  全日照下在濕潤但排水良好的土壤中很容易種植.

1.You can pick the seeds from a ripe strawberry surface with a pair of tweezers or buy a packet of seeds.


2.Plant your seeds in a container which better comes with a clear lid, fill with potting soil.  Moist the soil a bit but not too wet.   Sprinkle the seeds on top of soil then cover with the lid.  Place the container in warm partial shade location.

2.種子均勻灑在填土後的有蓋苗盆土表.  略澆溼土壤但不可太溼.  蓋上蓋子後悶孵.  苗盆放在溫暖的半日照處.

3.Seeds germinate in 2-3 weeks.  Open the lid to get fresh air and check the progress once a day.

3.種子約2-3週發芽.  每日開蓋一次換氣並檢查進度.

4.Transplant the seedlings when they have 6 leaves.  Keep seedlings moist in full sun location.  You may start to apply fertilizer.

4.小苗有6片本葉時可以移植.  移植後的小苗要繼續保濕並改移到全日照處種植.  可以開始施肥.

It is a very hardy perennial.  You may want to pick the variety with long blooming time, this way the plants you grow will have longer harvest season.  Growing from seeds this spring and next year you may harvest your own strawberries!  🙂

草莓植株是非常強健的多年生草花.  買種子包的話要儘可能選用花期較長的品種來種植,這樣採收期也會拉長.  如果今年冬/春天開始種子的種植,可能明年就能吃到結果的草莓!  🙂

13 thoughts on “How to grow strawberry from seeds (Fragaria) 草莓種子孵法

  1. I just had a strawberry and was thinking, whether it would be possible to grow it in our tropical climate…

    May be we should give it a try, now we have the steps to follow 🙂

    Thanks a lot for sharing and have a beautiful day 🙂

  2. How wonderful it would be to have plump, ripe strawberries in my back yard. I’m not a gardener though, and I have trouble keeping any plant alive. But there’s always hope… 😉

    Thanks for visiting my site. Much appreciated!


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