How to grow Speedwell (Veronica) from seeds 婆婆納種子孵法

How to grow Speedwell (Veronica) from seeds 婆婆納種子孵法

Speedwell (Veronica) flowers. 婆婆納的花.

Speedwell (Veronica) flowers. 婆婆納的花.

Veronica longifolia seeds婆婆納 (Medium)

Speedwell (Veronica) seeds 婆婆納種子.

2015-01-30Veronica seedling day18 (Medium)

Speedwell (Veronica) seeds germination starting from day 18. 婆婆納種子第18天開始陸續發芽.


This plant usually can be propagated by dividing plant clumps, stem cuttings or seeds.  Best time to do so is in late fall/winter and the second best time is early spring.  I have tried direct sow but with poor result.

婆婆納的繁殖可從分株或扦插或種子,播種時間點以秋播為主,初春應該會長出. 春播次之. 試過直播,但效果不佳.
1.In a re-sealable bag fill with some moist potting soil or water moss and current year harvest viable seeds.  Moist has to be when squeeze the soil or water moss, water will drip out slowly. Seal the bag and put the bag in the warm dark location.
2.Check and open for fresh air daily.  Keep soil moist until seeds germinated, around 2-3 weeks.
2.每天開袋一次以換新鮮空氣並檢查進度. 保濕情況下會在2-3週發芽.
3.After germination, keep the pot in partial shade, keep seedlings moist is the key.  You can transplant seedlings to small pot individually or in the ground when they have 8 leaves. Apply fertilizer and place them in full sun location.  Keep seedlings moist.  Growing from seeds they do flower fast almost late the year or next year.
3.出芽後讓小苗們在半日照處生長.  等很快會開始長出本葉8片,即可換盆或地植.  開始施肥,改全日照.   保溼很重要. 從種子到開花很快,只須當年年底或隔年.
The flower language of Veronica (Speedwell): Fidelity.
婆婆納的花語: 忠誠.

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