How to grow passion fruit from seeds (Passiflora) 百香果種子孵法

How to grow passion fruit from seeds (Passiflora) 百香果種子孵法

Passion fruit.(Passiflora edulis) 百香果.

Passion fruit.(Passiflora edulis) 百香果.

Passiflora ligularis (Grenadilla / Sweet Grenadilla) 甜百香果

Passiflora ligularis (Grenadilla / Sweet Grenadilla) 甜百香果

Passion fruit seeds germination. -- Day 15. (Passiflora) 第10-15天百香果種子會陸續發芽.--第15天進度.

Passion fruit seeds germination.– Day 15. (Passiflora edulis) 第10-15天普通百香果的種子陸續發芽.–第15天進度.

Passion fruit seeds germination. (Passiflora edulis) 百香果小苗.

Passion fruit seeds germination. (Passiflora edulis) 百香果小苗.

Passion fruit first year seedling. 甜百香果實生苗第一年.

Passion fruit first year seedling almost year 2. (Passiflora ligularis) 甜百香果實生苗第一年快第2年.

This plant is really easy to grow!  And these grow fast!  One fruit contains so many seeds.  You can just save the seeds from the fruit you enjoyed for growing more!  The key of growing this fruit is warm and sunny.  If you are like me, growing them in winter you can find or create a suitable place for them.  I grow them in a container with lid to keep seeds moist and place container nearby the furnace register for warm air.

百香果是很容易栽種且生長快速的藤蔓.  一個果實內有為數不少的種子.  享用果實時如果好吃,你可以留些種子種植!  通常百香果多喜歡全日照溫暖的環境,水份肥份要充足還有支撐的攀架/繩索.  我孵種子是用有蓋的容器放在溫暖的地方濕悶,大概1-2週就會發芽.

Passiflora ligularis (Grenadilla / Sweet Grenadilla) is the specie likes cooler temperature.  And it will take 3 years to mature to flower and fruit.  Passiflora edulis likes warmer climate and will take a year to mature.  So better to start early or buying grafted plants from nurseries.  甜百香果這個種類喜較冷涼的地區,日夜溫差較明顯會使果實甜度較高些.  不過從種子到開花能結果約需時3年.   普通百香果則喜溫暖的氣候,從種子到開花結果約要一年才會成熟到開花結果.  沒耐心等的人可以考慮買現成嫁接好的成熟苗來種植.

If you would like to grow from seeds, you can try my method:


1.Prepare a clean container with lid, fill the container with half depth of potting soil.  Moist the soil but no standing water.  Place the clean seeds on top then keep the lid on.  Place the lid somewhere warm.

1.取有蓋的乾淨容器裝培養土約一半的深度.  澆濕但要壓擠掉多餘水份,避免泡爛種子.  將種子置於土表,不覆土.  蓋上蓋子後放在溫暖處悶孵.

2.Open the lid to check the progress and for fresh air to circulate once a day.  If the mold occurs, pick up the seeds, wash and sanitize them and plant them back.  If weather is warm, you can just open the lid under the sun for 30 minutes will do the same.   Seeds will germinate around day 10 to day 15.

2.每天開蓋檢查一次順便通風.  如果有黴菌滋生,如天候溫暖,可以開蓋後在大太陽下曬個半小時就能殺菌.  要不然就將種子撿出清洗後再種回去.  依溫度不同,一般是約10-15天發芽.

3.After seeds germinated, wait the seedlings turn green and place the container to warm, partial shade location or simply picking the sprouted seeds and planting them in individual pot with tweezers.  I prefer to plant them in individual pot to save some work.  I Keep the lid off just use clear plastic bag – place the container in a clear plastic bag and tie the opening, make sure seedlings have room to grow.  Partial shade location.

3.種子發芽後,等小苗轉綠後將苗盆移到溫暖有半日照的地方. 或者像我一樣較懶的方法是將剛發芽的種子一一用鑷子小心揀出,個別種在小盆裡/泥炭餅,這樣省移一次.  小苗可以將苗盆放入透明塑膠袋上面封口如此包覆著藉以保濕.  要預留小苗向上生長的空間.  半日照.

4.Seedlings grow faster and faster once they are in individual pot in warm and bright partial shade location.   When seedlings is one foot high or root come out from the pot, it is the time to grow them in bigger pot or the best to grow in the ground.   Add support for plants to cling on.   Apply fertilizer.  Full sun.

4.移植成一株一盆的這階段的小苗在溫暖明亮處會生長的越來越快.  小苗大約有一呎高時可以地植或用更大的花盆來栽種.  架設可攀爬的攀架或繩索令其攀爬.  可以開始施肥.   改成全日照.

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  1. 多謝你分享和心得,最近嘗試依你介紹方法,正在發已吹乾的百香果種子已2星期,第一星期吾知道,冇加蓋,仍然等待它的出芽!


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