How to grow Korean melon from seeds(Cucumis melo L. var. makuwa) 韓國香瓜種子孵法

How to grow Korean melon from seeds (Cucumis melo L. var. makuwa) 韓國香瓜種子孵法

2020-05-10 Korean Melon (Cucumis melo 'Makuwa')韓國甜瓜 (1) - Copy

Korean Melon (Cucumis melo ‘Makuwa’) fruit is white crispy sweet/sugary and juicy flesh and yellow peel with white stripes and small seeds. 韓國甜瓜黃皮白肉籽小,果肉甜脆多汁.

Korean melon day 4.韓國香瓜種子進度第4天.

Korean melon day 4.韓國香瓜種子進度第4天.

Korean melon day 5, turning green. 韓國香瓜種子進度第5天. 轉綠中.

Korean melon day 5, turning green.
韓國香瓜種子進度第5天. 轉綠中.

The Korean melon (Cucumis melo L. var. makuwa) or chamoe (참외) is very easy and fast to grow. 韓國香瓜花及果實請見維基百科: 這真的很容易種植且生長非常快速! 1.Get the fresh viable seed wash clean and soak in warm water over night. 1.將新鮮種子清洗後泡溫水一晚. 2.Plant the seeds in the pot on top of potting soil with clear plastic bag cover the pot to keep seeds moist.  Place the pot somewhere warm.  The 2nd or 3rd day will sprout. 2.種子撈出後種於苗盆土表,不必覆土.  用透明塑膠袋或夾鍊袋將苗盆包起以保持濕度,放在溫暖處等發芽.  大約第2或第3天就會發芽. 3.After seeds germinated, move the pot to warm with some light, seedlings will soon turn green.  Partial shade if possible. 3.種子發芽後,移到半日照或散光處,小苗很外就會轉綠. 4.Transplant the seedlings when they have 4-6 leaves.  Plant them 2 seedlings in the same big pot or the best in the ground!   (Space them well if plant in the ground.)  Apply organic fertilizer.  Keep seedlings moist.   Change to full sun location. 4.等小苗長到4-6片本葉就可以移植到大盆或最好地植.  種子很多的話,可以每2棵小苗種一起.  要間隔開種. 開始施有機肥.  注意小苗的保濕.  這階段開始要全日照. 5.Continue to apple fertilizer once in every two weeks.  It is annual so soon 1.5-2 months will flower and then growing melons.  When trailing vine branch out and grow too long, trim to shorten them to make sure better quality of melons. 5.每2週施肥一次. 這是一年生的瓜,大約1.5-2個月又會開花開始結瓜.  瓜藤蔓生分支太長的話可以修短些讓一藤不要生太多的瓜以保每個瓜的品質. It is a fun project to grow this!  🙂    When you are eating the melon, remember to remove the stem and the part close to the stem, that part is toxic but rest of the melon is delicious! 種這瓜是蠻有意思相當有成就感的! 🙂  食用此瓜時要去掉瓜蒂頭,瓜蒂有小毒會催吐. 瓜本身是外黃內白,甜而多汁,冰涼食用風味不錯!


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