Doll’s-eyes/White Baneberry(Actaea pachypoda)娃娃眼

Doll’s-eyes/White Baneberry(Actaea pachypoda)娃娃眼

Doll's-eyes/White Baneberry fall fruit.(Actaea pachypoda)娃娃眼秋天的果實.

Doll’s-eyes/White Baneberry foliage and fall fruit.(Actaea pachypoda)娃娃眼葉片及秋天的果實.

Actaea pachypoda

Doll’s-eyes/White Baneberry fall fruit.(Actaea pachypoda)娃娃眼秋天的果實.

Beware, super toxic perennial!  Its berries is the most toxic part of the plant.  It can lead to cardiac arrest and death if ingested the berries.  White flowers in spring.   Flower see the Wikimedia link below.

Late summer fruit ripe to be white berries.  Even though berries are toxic to human but birds are fine to eat the berries as food.  It prefers full sun to partial shade location in clay soil.  Propagate by seeds or dividing plant in spring.  Mature size:1′-2′(H) x 1′-2′(W).   USDA Zones:3-9.

小心,有劇毒的多年生草花!  它的白色果實是最毒的部位.  誤食會造成心跳停止而死亡. 但其毒性對鳥類是免疫的,所以果實會被鳥類所食用.  它喜全日照到半日照處的黏性土壤. 春天開白色精緻的小花串.  花見以下連結:

非常強健耐寒. 為北美野生的多年生草花.  成熟植株約1-2呎高及寬幅.  繁殖以種子或初春分株.

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