Trumpet vine (Campsis) 厚萼凌霄

Trumpet vine (Campsis) 厚萼凌霄

Trumpet vine (Campsis) 厚萼凌霄

Trumpet vine (Campsis) 厚萼凌霄

Trumpet vine (Campsis) 厚萼凌霄

Trumpet vine (Campsis) 厚萼凌霄

2014-11-30Trumpet Vine seed pods and seeds (Medium)

Trumpet vine(Campsis radicans) seed pods and seeds. 厚萼凌霄的種莢與種子


Trumpet vine(Campsis radicans) seeds. 厚萼凌霄的種子

Trumpet vine(Campsis radicans) seeds. 厚萼凌霄的種子

Also called trumpet creeper, it is a very hardy perennial, easy to grow vine. Prefers in full sun location. Partial shade location will reduce quantity of flowers. Flowing in summer with yellow or orange red trumpet like flowers. Flowers attract bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. Fast growing.

Flowers and roots are medicinal. Easy to propagate from seeds, layering, stem cuttings and grafting. USDA Zones:4-9. Mature size: 20′-30′(H) x 6′-8′(W) but it is easy to control by heavy pruning– only flowers on new shoots. This vine requires steady support.

厚萼凌霄是很強健的,原生北美的爬藤. 喜全日照,半日照會影響到花量. 夏開漏斗型花,或橘紅色或黃色,是蜂蝶和蜂鳥的蜜源植物. 生長快速.

花與根可為藥用. 容易用種子,壓條,扦插或高壓嫁接等方式來繁殖. 生長勢強,又因是新枝才是開花枝所以需要強修剪來控制. 耐寒也耐熱. 成熟株高可達20-30呎高,寬幅6-8呎,但可用強修剪來控制大小. 需要強度高穩固的支撐物.


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