Wild Strawberry(Fragaria vesca)野草莓

Wild Strawberry(Fragaria vesca)野草莓

Wild Strawberry(Fragaria vesca)野草莓

Wild Strawberry(Fragaria vesca)野草莓

It is also called Alpine strawberry or Woodland strawberry. It is super hardy like weed, fast growing fruit. In late spring to summer with white flowers and soon grow marble size red fruit, very fragrant, sweet and flavourful! 🙂 In term of taste, I prefer wild strawberry over than store bought cultivated strawberry. Wild strawberry can be grown in wide range of soil and light exposure. From full sun, fertile soil to wet soil, shady location.

It can be easily propagated by seeds, runners or dividing the plant clump any time of the year. Great for ground cover as well but need to be controlled. The whole plant is medicinal. USDA Zones:4-8. Mature size: 6″(H) x 1.5′(W).

又名森林草莓. 超級強健的野生草莓像雜草般生長快速. 春末到夏季開白花結紅色香甜好吃的草莓,果實雖只有彈珠大小但是真的比農業改良種的大草莓好吃太多了! 它能生長在全日照肥沃的土壤也能生長在弱光濕潤或乾燥的環境,在很多地方都能野生分佈. 耐寒,耐熱,耐濕也耐旱,很適合當地被植物用來抑制沒有用的雜草. 全株可以入藥. 成熟植株高6吋,寬1.5呎.


9 thoughts on “Wild Strawberry(Fragaria vesca)野草莓

  1. I have these in my front yard. I used to have flower bed there with Lilly’s. I moved all the Lilly’s and I am going to let the wild strawberries take over. I have never ate them . I think next year I will try them. I let them grow for the bunny’s around my house.



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