Yucca (Yucca) 絲蘭屬

Yucca (Yucca) 絲蘭屬

Yucca (Yucca)  絲蘭屬

Yucca (Yucca) 絲蘭屬

Variegated Yucca before flowering (Yucca)  絲蘭屬-- 斑葉品種,未開花前的樣子

Variegated Yucca before flowering (Yucca) 絲蘭屬– 斑葉品種,未開花前的樣子

Yucca filamentosa seeds 絲蘭的種子

Yucca filamentosa seeds絲蘭的種子

No maintenance require! Very hardy, drought tolerant and whole year is evergreen. They flower in summer with tall flower stems with many off white flowers. Some varieties have light scented flowers. Good for cut flower. Good for rock garden and low or no maintenance garden. USDA Zones:5-9. Mature size is: 40-90cm (H)–without or with flower stem in summer x 40-60cm (W). Slow growth.

絲蘭屬是龍舌蘭科下的一個屬,非常耐旱,常見於少降雨的地區,極其強健耐寒,冬天常綠. 植株喜全日照,夏天開直立很長的花莖,米白色的花,可切花. 由於生長速度慢,此屬是少數不需管理的庭園植物. 以種子或分株方式來繁殖. 株高40-90公分,寬約40-60公分.

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