Garden flower bouquet 花園切花

Garden flower bouquet 花園切花

Garden flower bouquet 花園切花

Garden flower bouquet 花園切花

Garden flower bouquet 花園切花

Garden flower bouquet 花園切花

When you have enough flowers blooming in the garden and they are great to make a nice bouquet, you will do what I did to enjoy them indoor as well! How do you like it?

花園裡種的適合切花的植物種夠多,就拿來插花用室內欣賞! 喜歡嗎?

11 thoughts on “Garden flower bouquet 花園切花

  1. Reblogged this on Cathy Kozlarek and commented:
    What to do? Have you ever been in a situation like this? A few weeks ago I was waiting in my car and noticed two teens crouched on the grass under a tree taking photos of something. Looking closer I realized there was a bird at the center of their circle. When I asked them about it, they said it was injured, missing an eye, possibly blind. They had found it in the street and moved it to safety. So thoughtful. Wish we had a mamma bird we could have returned him to.

    • I think it is better to wait for the parent birds to show up, in the meantime keep the chick safe is important. Chick will call parent and ask for food.

      If parent birds are around perhaps to build a temporary nest and keep the chick in it and put to the tree branches. Normally a chick will be able to fly on their own soon.

      If serious injured then perhaps will need medical attention first then return it to parent birds later. Those young kids are very kind and thoughtful! Thank you for sharing the story! 🙂


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