Perennial Sage (Salvia nemorosa or Salvia × sylvestris )多年生鼠尾草

Perennial Sage (Salvia nemorosa or Salvia × sylvestris)多年生鼠尾草

Pink perennial sage.

Pink perennial sage.

indigo perennial sage 多年生鼠尾草

indigo perennial sage 多年生鼠尾草



USDA Zones:3-9, very hardy and easy to grow in full sun to partial shade location. Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Good for cut flower. Drought Tolerant and animal (rabbit and deer) resistant.

Salvia × sylvestris ‘May Night’ is very common indigo, compact and with long flower stems. It goes so well with yellow flowers and bright green or variegated foliaged plants. It flowers in summer with deep blue, pink, white small flowers on flower stems. Easy to propagate from seeds or from dividing plants in early spring or late fall.


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