Eastern Cottonwood (Populus deltoids) 加拿大棉白楊

Eastern Cottonwood (Populus deltoids) 加拿大棉白楊

Eastern cottonwood (Populus deltoids)加拿大棉白楊

Eastern cottonwood (Populus deltoids)加拿大棉白楊

Eastern Cottonwood (Populus deltoids) green beads like fruit 加拿大棉白楊 綠珠串狀是果實

Eastern Cottonwood (Populus deltoids) green beads like fruit 加拿大棉白楊 綠珠串狀是果實

I was surprise to see it inside the city, consider this is going to grow huge!

Eastern cottonwood is a cottonwood poplar which is native to North America. Mature height 65′-130′ which is one of largest hardwood trees in North America.

Its leaves are triangular with pointy tip very close to a heart shape. Fruits are capsules on long pendulous catkins appearing like green beads. When seeds ripe the capsules burst out cotton like silky white haired seeds. Yellow fall foliage.

加拿大棉白楊是楊屬的樹種. 原生在北美. 成熟株高可達65到130呎高. 是北美最大型生產硬木的樹種之一. 葉子三角形而葉尖明顯,像是心形. 果實如垂下的綠色的珠串. 成熟後從綠色珠串爆出帶有白絲狀的種子. 秋末葉色會由綠轉黃. 全日照.


8 thoughts on “Eastern Cottonwood (Populus deltoids) 加拿大棉白楊

  1. These trees are planted all over Moscow Russia, almost as common as the Silver Birches. The locals hate them when the seeds begin to drop as it becomes a fire hazard with all the piles everywhere!



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