Bachelor’s Button (Centaurea montana)多年生矢車菊

Bachelor’s Button (Centaurea montana)多年生矢車菊

Centaurea montana ‘Amethyst in Snow’白花多年生矢車菊

Centaurea montana ‘Amethyst in Snow’白花多年生矢車菊

Centaurea montana藍花多年生矢車菊

Centaurea montana藍花多年生矢車菊

Bachelor’s Button (Centaurea montana)多年生矢車菊

Very easy to grow, hardy perennial.  USDA Zones:2-9.  Prefer full sun to partial shade location.  Often self-seed.  Flower size is 4-5 cm in diameter.   Mature height and width is 30-60 cm.

非常容易栽種,強健的多年生草花.  耐寒及耐熱程度為USDA Zones:2-9.  以全日照或半日照處種植為佳.  會自行結子繁殖. 花徑有4-5公分. 成熟株高及寬幅為30-60公分.


8 thoughts on “Bachelor’s Button (Centaurea montana)多年生矢車菊

  1. Your picture looked similar to what I have grown, but not quite, so I looked it up online and discovered there is definitely a difference between your picture of “Centaurea montana" and the garden variety, “Centaurea cyanus," that is typically sold as Bachelor’s Buttons or, less often on seed packets, cornflowers. I learned something today about the varieties, so thank you! I have always grown “cyanus" in my garden. It reseeds faithfully, becoming a pest so that I have to weed it out of everywhere. Fortunately, it’s an easy plant to pull. I love that, once in a while, a different color I didn’t anticipate will show up some years! Such a fun, carefree flower to have in my messy gardens.


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