Praying mantis egg cases 螳螂泡巢

Praying mantis egg cases 螳螂泡巢

Praying mantis egg cases 螳螂泡巢

Praying mantis egg cases 螳螂泡巢

Praying mantises are precious beneficial insects can help in the garden and farm. These egg cases or oothecae (ootheca /oʊ.əˈθiːkə/, pl. oothecae /oʊ.əˈθiːsiː/) one is on climbing rose and the other one is on Clematis.

I hope they will hatch in late spring! Sometimes I still buy couple more just in case if they are not fertilized eggs. Natural insect control for my flowers and veggies is the safest thing to do for your garden! 🙂

14 thoughts on “Praying mantis egg cases 螳螂泡巢

    • Good! That means that area is not sprayed insecticide too much! I find that using praying mantis egg cases is still safer, cheaper and more effective than insecticide! I hope more farms and gardens will use natural pest control so we can all eat safe food. 🙂

      • Yok Don is a Nature Reserve in Central Vietnam – so I sincerely hope so. There were many signs of wildlife on the reserve – though the surrounding areas were unfortunately deforested – which was sad to see.

      • It is always sad to see the wild natural places been destroyed… I heard one of my neighbour said that more rich people bought land and do nothing (let it be or allow local people to collect fruit if there is any) in order to protect land. I was very happy to hear that! Those wise men or/ and women have my respect! 🙂

  1. I had ordered several Praying Mantis cases last year for my garden and landscape. Of course they are so tiny and vulnerable to predators when they hatch, it’s hard to say how many survived. However, I saw a few here and there throughout the year so I am glad I bought them. They are a wonder addition to a pesticide free garden.


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