‘Buttercup’ Squash’ 奶油杯’小南瓜

‘Buttercup’ Squash’ 奶油杯’小南瓜

'Buttercup' Squash' 奶油杯'小南瓜

‘Buttercup’ Squash’ 奶油杯’小南瓜

It is so easy to grow and fast growing! I can see there are at least 3 male flower buds are on the way! Hope soon it will start to grow female flowers as well so it can fruit! 🙂 From seed to harvest squash is about 3 months or so. It is important to start some seedling early.

非常容易種又長的快! 目前已有至少3朵雄花的花苞形成了! 希望母花也很快來花才能結瓜. 從種子到結了瓜收成約要3個月左右所以早點種出健康的小苗是很重要的.

I also have 2 other ‘Buttercup’ seedlings and some cherry tomatoes, few yellow zucchini seedling and other veggie seedlings.. 🙂

除了還有兩株’奶油杯’小南瓜小苗外我還有一些小蕃茄的苗,幾株黃色的夏南瓜苗.. 🙂



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