How to grow Christmas Rose (Helleborus) from seeds聖誕玫瑰種子孵法

How to grow Christmas Rose (Helleborus) from seeds聖誕玫瑰種子孵法
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Germinate Seeds in re-sealable plastic bag with small amount of water.小夾鍊袋少水孵到種皮裂開

Germinate Seeds in re-sealable plastic bag with small amount of water.小夾鍊袋少水孵到種皮裂開

Seedling has the first leaf.第一片本葉長出

Seedling has the first leaf.第一片本葉長出

1.Best time to grow this from seeds will be winter because it will take one to couple months to germinate.

2.Put seeds with small amount of water in a re-sealable plastic bag and keep the bag somewhere is dark and not too warm. Pick them out and plant them individually in a moss pallet or small seeding tray until they grow 4-6 true leaves. Keep seedlings in partial shade.

You also can grow them by using peat moss pallets directly. Keep the pallets moist. This will take just a bit longer.

3.Start to fertilize the young plants in small amount monthly.

4.Plant the young plants in the ground before frost or transplant them in lager pots. Use soil is well drain with compost matters.

It is fairly easy but needs some time. Be patient and you will have many of them for many years!

26 thoughts on “How to grow Christmas Rose (Helleborus) from seeds聖誕玫瑰種子孵法

  1. Reblogged this on Church Street Knits and commented:
    Here on Church Street we are thinking about spring planting.

    We were excited to find this post from My Food and Flowers about growing our favorite spring plant–hellebore. After an unfortunate mowing accident last season, we’re not expecting many of our hellebore to return this year.

    Planting from seed will be a great experiment!

  2. When I lived in Ferntree Gully, there were many hellebores in my garden. Some would self seed. They are a beautiful winter/spring flower.
    There are no hellebores in my new garden in Castlemaine which has a much hotter and drier climate than southern Victoria. Castlemaine also has many more frosts than Ferntree Gully.
    I sometimes see hellebores growing in gardens in Castlemaine. They are tucked into sheltered shady spots where they won’t fry or get frost bite.

    • I plant them in partial shade area and full sun area both, they are OK either way. Their favorite is still partial shade. When they are in full sun, they do not grow tall. In shadier area they grow taller. I never see them get frost bite if you mean the drying leaves. Drying leaves is natural and suppose to trim them off especially before they growing flower stems in spring. In protected area as you said in sheltered area / green house will help a lot for sure. Still, to trim the old leaves to stimulate more flower stems for better showing is the right thing to do.

    • The other way is use small quantity of soil from mother plant to germinate seeds. — Seeds can recognize the soil and feel familiar, it can increase the seed germination rate and faster! This mother plant soil method works almost any plant! 🙂


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