Growing Large bloom Clematis from Seeds孵大花鐵線蓮種子

Growing Large bloom Clematis from Seeds孵大花鐵線蓮種子

Large bloom Clematis seedlings
It takes a long time to grow but they are so beautiful, definitely worth the effort…


Clematis mutation of this seedling with variegated foliage — you can see the white streak in the center of the leaf. 這株鐵線蓮的小實生苗變異成斑葉,可見葉片中央有白色紋路.

This is how I grow these, method A:

1.Remove the shell from dried seeds.
2.Keep them in a small re-sealable bag with clean water and place the bag somewhere dark and warm.
3.Wait several months for these seeds to sprout. Be patient.
4.Pick those sprouted seeds carefully and plant them individually in soil. Place seedlings in partial shade area until the plants start to climb.
5.Transplant those climbing young plants to the ground with climbing support.

Method B:

1.Get a large re-sealable bag, fill 1/4 to 1/5 of clean soil, mist the soil but when you squeeze the soil, no water come out.                                                                                                                  2.Get a small to medium live earth worm in the bag.   Add the seeds (remove the shell of each seed), seal the bag.                                                                                                                     3.Place the bag in room temperature or slightly warmer than that.   Light requirement is toward to full shade.                                                                                                                       4.Open the bag for fresh air and check the progress once a week.                                         5.Pick out the germinated seeds and plant them in small pot in moist and airy medium.  Low light.                                                                                                                                                6.Move seedlings to partial shade when plants have 6-8 leaves.                                         7.Move the seedlings to partial shade location once is long enough/climbing.  Plant the seedlings in the ground or use deeper pot planting each plant individually.   Plant young plants in partial shade or full sun location right under the structure.


3.等幾個月. 要有耐心.
4.小心撿出長根的種子出來盆植於土中直到小苗開始攀爬. 這期間要半日照.
5.移植小苗到戶外地植. 要給攀爬用的支架/網.


1.取一大夾鏈袋裝乾淨的培養土. 土量為袋子的1/4到1/5的高度.  噴濕帶中土壤到手用力擠不會出水但濕潤的程度.

2.找一條中小型活蚯蚓養在袋中. 撒入要孵的已去殼鐵線蓮種子.

3.袋子置於室溫或稍稍溫暖的地方.  光線需求為室內光線或更暗皆可.


5.種子發芽後要撿出個別用小盆種,土要保濕,介質以透氣高為主.  低光照.


7.小苗開始能爬時可以地植或單獨個別以深盆種植. 半日照或全日照處的支架下.

If you grow enough seeds and you are lucky, you might hit the jackpot finding the mutation(s)!  Like variegated foliage, evergreen or unique flower shape/color(s)! Have fun!

如果孵的種子量夠多又幸運的話,有可能長出變異的小苗,可能有著斑葉,或著植株成為不休眠的常綠,或著開花時有著不尋常的花形/花色!  有孵就有機會享受開獎的驚喜!


21 thoughts on “Growing Large bloom Clematis from Seeds孵大花鐵線蓮種子

  1. I have a couple gorgeous clematis that I found growing under a rose bush, quite unlike any of my others, which I transplanted and which are now my most beautiful. I suspect the birds dropped the seed. Must try this! Thank you for the informative post.

    • You are welcome! Birds don’t eat clematis seeds but when they are ripe and fallen to the ground you might still get some seedlings! 🙂

      You can also grow them from stem cuttings next time you do trimming. — Why waste them? 🙂

      • What a good idea. Had not heard that you could grow them from cuttings but must try this. The seedlings were quite a way from my other vines but perhaps blew. I didn’t have any like these so thought they might have come from a garden some distance away. 🙂

      • The seedlings are both white and much larger than any of my other Clematis vines, none of which were white.. Lovely. Thank you again.

      • Only propagation from stem cuttings can guarantee the gene will be the same. Otherwise bees or other pollinators will hybrid whatever near by for you! 🙂

        The reason why I like to grow from seeds is unpredictable surprises. It is fun! 🙂

  2. When we vacationed in Ontario, for several years running, I was impressed by the gardens I saw. Living in a hardiness zone somewhat colder than mine, I think it’s quite a feat for you Canadian gardeners to do so well with so many plants! Good job!


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