Growing Seeds indoors in Winter 冬天室內孵種子了!

Growing Seeds indoors in Winter 冬天室內孵種子了!
Japanese Anemone日本秋牡丹(日本銀蓮花)
Japanese Anemone seedlings

2014-01-03 010 (Medium)
Christmas Rose sprouting

Thornless Blackberry  (Medium)
Thornless Blackberry seedlings

Lupine seedlings (Medium)
Lupine seedlings

Lotus seedlings-second leaf

2013-12-09 001(Medium)
Rhododendren seedlings

14 thoughts on “Growing Seeds indoors in Winter 冬天室內孵種子了!

  1. Wow.. the joy of finding out that the seeds you planted have actually sprouted! 😀 lol! It’s so good for the mind.. makes us hope, expect, wish, wait.. and finally be excited seeing that tiny green spot, and from then on be content like a mother watching her kids grow. 😀

    • I usually start the seeds will take long germination period (like Christmas rose, Magnolia and Clematis) or just I can provide the suitable environment for them (like lotus seeds in a heated aquarium).

      If you are growing annuals or vegetables, you want to transplant the start to flowering plant into planter or ground so you have to count the time in order to figure out when to start those seeds. Annuals and veggies normally from seed to first flower in 1.5 – 2 months.

      Happy indoor gardening! 🙂


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