Chayote experiment佛手瓜種植實驗(Sechium edule)

Chayote experiment 佛手瓜種植實驗(Sechium edule)
2013-12-17 003 (Medium)

Chayote is a kind of vegetable vine. Its fruit and its tender green shoots are both good vegetables. It is very easy to grow and inexpensive to buy in grocery store/supermarket.

I am letting a chayote growing by the window, later will give soil to cover its roots. This experiment want to see how much progress will the growth be indoor. It is now clinging on the blind of window.

It can be grew this with the whole fruit 1/2 into soil /ground (with one seed inside ) or grow from plant stem cuttings. It is vine so it does require support.

佛手瓜(Sechium edule)是一種葫蘆科佛手瓜屬植物,又稱合掌瓜. 瓜和稱為龍鬚菜的嫩葉都是好蔬菜. 它非常容易栽種,在超級市場或果菜攤都有賣,也不貴. 這個實驗要看看在靠窗的室內的生長勢如何.

可以整個瓜1/2種到土中或用扦插法種植. 因為是爬藤類所以需要支撐物.

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