Colours from inside the window窗內的顏色

Colours from inside the window窗內的顏色
2013-11-14 007 (Medium)

These are from seed packs: Morning Glory ‘Red Picotee’ and Blue Lobelia ‘Crystal Palace’! Easy to grow in the pot but you need to grow Lobelia 1 month – 1.5 months earlier in order for them to bloom at the same time. Or you can sow seeds together but Lobelia will flower later than morning glory. Another way to sow seeds different pots, transplant them together when both are flowering. Morning glory will need support to cling on.

桃紅的朝顏/牽牛花’Red Picotee’和藍色的六倍利’Crystal Palace’都是從種子包的種子播種的. 很容易栽種但是要使它們同時開花最好是先種六倍利1-1.5個月後再播朝顏的種子. 同時播下的話也可以,只是六倍利會開的稍晚一些. 另一方法是六倍利另外種一盆,等有花後再移到同一盆種植.朝顏會需要支撐物來攀爬.

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