Getting the Garden Ready for Winter花園過冬前的準備工作

Getting the Garden Ready for Winter花園過冬前的準備工作

1. Dig out the tender perennials roots, wrap with old newspaper then put them in plastic bag and store them in the basement over winter. Do this for dahlias, less cold hardy geraniums…

2. Collect seeds that you can sow the following spring. The seeds of some plants, such as some annuals, are not as cold tolerant. It is also a good time for stem cuttings.

3. Prune the shrubs: some require heavy pruning, some need a light pruning. Light trimming evergreen or broad leaf shrubs. Cut back the perennials (except evergreen ground covers) to almost the ground level.

4. Clean-up leaves.

5. Do some last minute shopping, if your garden still has room for it. Garden centre and nurseries have clearance sales for trees, shrubs, perennials, vines and bulbs! You can get some great deals! Just remember to plant them before the ground freezes, and remember to water them after you plant them.

6. Give new plants or less cold hardy plants some protection. Such as giving stakes for new trees, wrap burlap or even cover with a Styrofoam cone, dig 3′ deep water proofing hole and fill with water for cold hardy water plants.

7. Bring some potted plants indoor over winter. For example, spike plants, rosemary, Christmas cactus, passion flower vine.

8. Mulch the ground. This will keep the ground tidy and give plants a bit protection. This is not recommended in an active termite area!

9. If you have lawn, give a good rake and then sprinkle some lawn fertilizer. Add some grass seed at thinner spots.

10. Remove water from irrigation system and shut off the water supply from the inside to prevent water freezing and cracking the pipes.

17 thoughts on “Getting the Garden Ready for Winter花園過冬前的準備工作

  1. Good list of jobs – a welcome reminder – thanks. I also bring some of my pots of pelargoniums inside for the winter and keep them on the kitchen window sill as they keep on flowering quite well and brighten up the otherwise grey winter indoors life.

  2. A very thorough list. Maybe this fall I’ll really make sure our quince tree is trimmed. My husband and I also collect seeds from our marigolds when their season is over (often not until December; they seem to outlast most other flowering plants). I’m thinking of saving the seeds from our peace lily and trying to grow a new one. Thank you for liking my blog post.

  3. That`s a very good list but I am just going into Summer. 🙂 We had a very good crop from our winter veg and flowers and have now got the summer things growing. I was quite amazed that the Petunia`s that were bought as seadlings in May are still flowering. I took them out of the troughs a few months ago and put them quite deep in the garden and they have had a new kease on life and seem to be self seeding.

  4. We’re so spoiled here in San Francisco, in terms of temperatures! No freezing! There are so many tips I read all the time for winter prep that I’ve never had to experience, and yet the vast majority of people in the world do have to do these things. I love reading tips like this. Who knows? Some day I may move to a more varied climate!


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